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We are dedicated to providing the perfect means for interested summer camp staff and summer camp employers to meet.  The best matches are made when you, as the applicant, understand the camp program for which you are applying and you complete your profile with details that relate to the summer camp program and how the camp can benefit from your participation.  If you are a foreign national, you must also understand and meet the eligibility requirements for the J1 program category.  To assist in the most organized of ways, we have provided for you the links that you may need in stages.

If you are a current participant here in the states, check out our TRAVEL RESOURCE PAGE for links for discounted lodging, travel opportunities and cultural exchange promotions.  If you are still considering the program, read carefully below to follow the stages of the application process.

STAGE ONE INFORMATION: If you are thinking about pursuing employment with a US summer camp, please read through the program information and then complete an application.  Register as a potential participant here: https://applications.campstaffusa.com/register-for-an-account/ We have supplied you with links to documents you will need in your application. 

Program Information:

Required Application Forms: 

STAGE TWO INFORMATION: If you have accepted a position at a US summer camp and you are not a US citizen, you will need to get started with your J1 visa application.  The information supplied here will assist you in the process. 

STAGE THREE INFORMATION: If you have been approved for your J1 visa, the next step is the be sure that you are fully prepared for your experience. The J1 Pre-Departure Orientation Booklet has been provided here for your convenience. Your recruiter or your sponsor representative will make sure that you have all of the information you need to be ready for your US adventure. Be sure to double-check your employment dates and camp arrival expectations with your recruiter or your CampStaffUSA supervisor before booking your flights.  Once your flights are secured, input the information into your profile so that your camp can make arrangements for your arrival.

Department of State Welcome Letters, Program Brochures and Human Trafficking Pamphlet:

STAGE FOUR INFORMATION: As indicated in your Pre-Departure Orientation, you must keep your sponsor informed of your arrival, any changes in housing or accommodation (even in building name or number), and any changes in employment status with your current employer. You MUST check-in and you MUST readily respond to any sponsor communication within 5 days of receipt or you may risk visa termination by your sponsor. 

Problems with obtaining your I-94 online?

There are times when a participant tries to access their I-94 record online and they get a “not found” notification. Do not panic. We’re not sure why this happens but it does. We have found a couple of solutions.

  1. Contact CBP through their help page: https://help.cbp.gov/app/ask and choose “Travel Compliance (I-94) as the topic. Be sure to upload a copy of your passport bio page, visa and admissions stamp.
  2. There are deferred inspection locations where you can present your case and they can issue you an I-94.  You should call to make an appointment at the one nearest you. Be sure to take with you your DS2019, your arriving flight, and passport. https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2018-Apr/deferred_inspection_sites_040318.pdf

Participant Check-In: Login to your profile and click the Check In Link at the top of the navigation menu.  Use this link for all communication including your initial check in, change in US address, request employment extension, report any concerns, etc.

Social Security:  NEW Process for Social Security Applications.


Travel Verification: 

To facilitate your readmission to the United States after a visit in another country other than a contiguous territory (Canada is  a contiguous territory) or adjacent islands, you should have the Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer of your sponsoring organization indicate on the TRAVEL VALIDATION BY RESPONSIBLE OFFICER or Alternate Responsible Officer section of the Form DS-2019 that you continue to be in good standing.

Although participants do not need the DS 2019 signed for travel to Canada, Mexico or adjacent islands, you may need a visa to be permitted entry depending on country.

Do you need a visa to visit Canada?  Check here. 

Application for Canadian Visa (if required)

Adjacent Islands