This page provides important medical insurance guidance.

Participants will need to log in and create a MyInsurance account.  You can only do this AFTER you have been enrolled and have received your confirmation email.  Participants are enrolled 2-4 weeks prior to program begin date.  If you plan to travel earlier than this and/or you have not received your confirmation email 2-4 weeks prior to your program’s beginning date, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Marene at [email protected].

Call GBG Assist hotline BEFORE you seek medical treatment unless it is an emergency.  This is called Triage. GBG Assist will tell you where to go to receive the appropriate level of care by a network provider.

Call GBG at 1-800-817-4345 or email [email protected]

Plan Name: Comfort100

Certificate Number: AGS022372-2177617

MyInsurance Guest Login: Go To MyInsurance

To create your personal account, you will need:
– Your Last Name:
– Your First Name:
– Certificate Number: AGS022372-2177617
– Your Date of Birth

The insurance link has virtually all you need.  It is an overview of your policy, outlines what you need to do in case you need assistance and includes other useful links.

  • Service Hotlines (toll free telephone numbers)
  • Find a doctor or specialist nearest you
  • Claim forms and instructions
  • ID Cards
  • Visa Letter
  • Insurance Policy Details

TRIAGE IS MANDATORY before seeking medical care at an emergency room unless you are having a life-threatening emergency such as difficulty breathing, excessive bleeding, or traumatic injury.  A $350 emergency room co-payment will be waived if you are triaged, sent, and admitted to the hospital through the emergency room.  GBG medical staff will make the final decision regarding the Medical Necessity of the emergency room. 

Participant Document: View Document

Visa Letter: Visa Letter template

Insurance Guide: Insurance Guide

Assistance with Claims

Participants wanting assistance with filing claims can appoint a “Personal Representative” who will act on their behalf here in the US by completing A Personal Representative Appointment Form.  Please request the form by emailing [email protected].

Additional Baggage/Liability Insurance

Participants can secure additional baggage and liability insurance but must do this independently. They need to access their MyInsurance account to purchase the additional coverage. The Liability and Baggage coverage is $.40 per day.