Camp Staff USA is an established referral source for international and domestic camp staff.

By Directors…For Directors

CampStaffUSA was founded by camp directors looking for an all-in-one solution for hiring quality summer camp staff.  We are unique in that we provide summer camps with talented and reliable summer camp candidates from both the US and abroad to fill counselor, support staff and advanced skills roles; we provide free customizable virtual events; and we provide these services and more at highly competitive fees with some of the highest participant pocket money.

With our international outreach, our domestic presence and the cooperation of our account representatives, camp employers can enjoy a full service staffing option.   Our enhanced interactive system and customizable virtual fairs offer our employers the ability to take part in hiring events with participants from all over the world (domestic and abroad) during convenient daytime hours and from the comfort of their own office.  Saving you time and money.


CampStaffUSA brings innovation to camp hiring.  We were the first in the industry to offer camps the convenience of virtual fairs, we have expanded our outreach to include US applicants, and we will continue to break boundaries as new challenges arise.