Still thinking of a US summer camp job?

100s of camps are still reviewing resumes from our database and in the weeks will be hiring to inalize summer staffing.  Our unique processing system allows for students matched even as late as the end of April to still be hired and arrive at camp in time for the summer!

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Created by US camp directors, we are passionate about camp and we care about camp staff.  We ensure that you understand the various roles that camps offer, we promote your application to our camp directors and we may invite you to take part in one of our skill specific virtual fairs. We offer one of the best salary packages with THE lowest application fee.

Forget about stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3 fees that all add up to more time and money…Our one-time low application fee includes:

  • Orientation to summer camp jobs
  • Application interview
  • Promotion of your application
  • Free admittance to camp specific virtual fairs

Upon securing a position with a camp, your sponsorship and medical insurance is provided for you.

Did you know that you do not need a recruiter in your home country to secure a camp position or even to apply for your visa?  Click here to read more facts about the J1 process.  

Working at a summer camp provides you with SO many benefits, much more than you would guess. Click here for details.  


Applications are only open through APRIL so don’t waste another minute.

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