Take Part in the CampStaffUSA-logo Virtual Fair!

February 19, 2013 from 2pm – 5pm EST

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It’s Convenient

Our virtual fair is the first of its kind in the industry; giving you the ability to seek out and hire some of the best candidates in the world from the comfort of your office or home.


It’s Competitive

Our revolutionary approach is the best and simplest way to hire staff, enabling us to have competitive prices.


We do the leg work!

We do the hard work of finding and screening candidates with the skills you require.

It is as easy as



  1. If you haven’t already you must register for a Camp Staff USA account
  2. If you have already registered, you must let us know you’re attending.
  3. The last thing you’ll need is a skype_logo account so you can interview candidates virtually face to face!
    (click here to get Skype)




Now that you’ve registered and let us know you are coming, you must prepare your virtual booth by logging in to the virtual fair platform and

  1. Editing your profile, to give candidates a good idea of who you are
  2. Setting the positions you are looking to fill, so the right applicants can come to you!

Edit Profile




When the Fair begins, make sure you have logged in to Skype and you can start recruiting! Simply head on to the Find Staff tab and filter Candidates based on what you are looking for.
Our system is designed with you in mind so in just a few clicks you can

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  1. Browse hundreds of Candidates
  2. Send Private Messages
  3. Set up Interviews
  4. Print
  5. Shortlist
  6. Hire

It really is as easy as 123 but if you have any questions, there are representatives available to help in anyway.

Skype: CampStaffUSA
Telephone: 855 J1 STAFF (855 715 8233)