If you are looking for a summer work experience that allows you to live and work in beautiful areas in the United States, where you do not have to worry about living expenses, and where you can work alongside students and professionals from all over the world, all while building your resume…Then summer camp is the place for you!

Working at a summer camp can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Your experience will expand your horizons, it may influence your career and educational choices and possibly even spur new interests all while earning money. Working at a summer camp facilitates networking, leadership and life skills that  are priceless. Gain hands-on experience in areas that relate directly to your major, meet peers from all over the world, and the best part…get paid and potentially earn college credits at the same time!

Thousands of summer camps across the U.S. are searching for staff members for their 2013 season. CampStaffUSA works on your behalf to secure you the best position and to prepare you for the time of your life!

Summer camps offer two types of employment, each is equally important in the day to day operation of the summer camp and each has its own role and benefits.

Camp Counselors:

Perfect for teachers, coaches, recreational therapists, and students considering any field working with youth. Teach sailing, tennis, swimming, sports, woodworking, horseback riding, boating, music, drama, dance, radio, ceramics, rock climbing, circus skills and more.

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Support Staff:

Ideal for students in business, administrative, culinary arts, or for those interested in a basic skills role in a fun and international atmosphere.  Office staff, program assistants, chefs, assistant cooks, bakers, food preparation, servers, maintenance workers, housekeepers, drivers and security are all positions that summer camps look to fill for the season.

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Summer Camp jobs are the perfect way to spend the summer outdoors, in a different part of the country with fun people from all over the world. Many colleges even offer internship credits for summer camp work!  In fact, USA Today College posted an article explaining how working at a summer camp can even be MORE beneficial to your resume and job experience than an internship in some cases.  Read more.

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