Working at a US summer camp can be on of the most rewarding, exciting and memorable experience of your life!  Enjoy the many benefits of camp employment.

  • Valuable Work Experience
  • Safe and Secure Working Environment
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Networking
  • Great Fun
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Earn Money
  • Potential to Earn Internship Credits

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Valuable Work Experience – Planning on pursuing a career in childcare? Teaching? Psychology? Culinary Arts? Office Management? Working at a summer camp can provide you with the ideal environment to put your skills to the test and to gain hands-on experience to build your resume in most all service fields. You will work along side experienced professionals who will guide you and support you through the program so as you are promoting growth and confidence in campers, you too are growing in your own skills and confidence.  Some state that you receive better skills and experience in working at a summer camp than summer internships…read more.

Safe and Secure Working Environment – Summer Camp provides a family-like atmosphere in a safe and secure environment. No need to sort out details or to coordinate where you will stay and how you will eat. It is taken care of for you. All meals and accommodation are included as part of your compensation.

Cultural Exchange – Most US summer camps employ not only Americans, but also welcomes staff from all over the world. This diversity provides the ideal opportunity to share information and experiences relating to culture, history and appreciation of countries across the globe. International staff and campers learn more about America while Americans benefit from understanding the world from a personal perspective. Imagine expanding your Facebook friends to individuals from all over the world! In many cases, meeting international friends has provided the impetus to explore international travel.

Networking – In the age of greater communication access, working at a summer camp opens up endless possibilities. You will meet people from all over the US and in many cases, the world. It is a great opportunity to establish friendships and develop an international network of friends and contacts.

Fun – Camp is not only good for your resume….Working at camp means you’ll experience the excitement of living and working in a new environment, possibly in a new part of the country. Most camps are located in beautiful locations on or near lakes and have extensive facilities that staff can enjoy in their time off.  Staff often supervise campers on exciting day and overnight trips.  While your position at camp is important and your role must be taken seriously, Camps also encourage campers and staff to have fun, to play, and to be silly sometimes.

Maximize your Opportunity to Travel – Not only are you living and working in a beautiful location in the US, most camp contracts are between 9-11 weeks, offering most students time off before returning to school to travel.  Many staff become close friends during their time shared at camp and plan post-camp time to travel together to visit popular US sites. International staff on the J1 camp counselor and summer work travel visas are permitted and encouraged to travel around the US for up to 30 days after their last day of work. (summer work travel students must return to their home country within the 30 days or before the latest permitted program date as specified by the Department of State for their home country.)

Earn Money – Summer camp compensation includes lodging and meals…no living expenses! Contracted salaries will vary depending on skill, experience and certification.

Potential to Earn Internship Credits – Many Universities accept summer camp employment as credits hours towards required internships, depending on the field of study. Most camps will assist in satisfying the terms of the credit requirements.  Contact your program or academic advisor to see if this is an option for you.

Options for F1 Students – Summer camp employment may be accepted as part of the OPT and CPT program.

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