We thank you for your interest in a cooperation promoting the Exchange Visitor Programs.

As part of the J1 program regulations, recruiters are required to know and fully understand the regulations governing each program for which they are recruiting participants and to understand their role in the administration of the program. All sponsors are required to vet recruiters and obtain certain pertinent information to keep on file and report to the Department of State.

The following application must be completed for new partner consideration and renewal of partnership cooperation.

Please have accessible to you the following documentation saved in pdf format for uploading before starting your application:
1. Evidence of company incorporation or applicable registration,
2. Notarized recent financial statements,
3. Police clearance of all owners and officers of the company,
4. Three written and verifiable business references,
5. Copy of original promotional materials such as program brochures and price lists with translation, and
6. Copy of participant program agreement/s outlining services and costs with translation.

If you have already contacted CampStaffUSA for information and been approved for partnership, please also have ready to upload the CampStaffUSA Agreement, the J-1 Recruiter Manual and J-1 Sponsorship Agreements.
  • Primary Contact Information

  • Please describe your hours of operation and best day/s, time and method to communicate with you.
  • Alternate Contact

  • Recruiting Interest and Experience

  • Please provide a summary of previous experience with the J1 exchange visitor program and recruiting. Include types of programs, previous sponsors, length of cooperation, number of participants, and primary host sites.
  • Please describe any issues you have experienced in the past either with a US sponsor or employer and how you resolved them.
  • Note that these programs require a significant investment on the part of the family. Potential clients must be financially able to participate.
    International Campers: $1,000-$3,000 per week
    F-1 High School: $30,000 - $50,000 per year
    F-1 College $28,000 - $80,000 per year
  • Testimony of Eligibility and Commitment

  • Program Information
    Pre-Departure Information
    Participant Program Terms and Conditions
    Medical Screening Form
    Interview Report (if using hard copy)
    Student Status Verification Form(summer work travel only)
    Employer Survey and Employment Verification Forms(summer work travel self placed, non-camp only)
  • Required Documentation

  • Please upload copies of the current year's marketing materials including the price sheet as advertised to participants. Please scan to a single document.
  • Please upload a copy of the current year's participant agreement with services and costs. Please scan to a single document.
  • Please upload 3 written references from current business associates or partner organizations. Scan to a single document.
  • Please scan to a single document.
  • Please scan to a single document for upload.
  • Please scan to a single document for upload.
  • Do NOT include the sponsor related fees in your program fees. This is what YOU assess to the participant over and beyond sponsor fees.
  • Please briefly outline your refund policy.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.